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VizPoint LLC was a "quick start" business intelligence consultancy specializing in data visualization and BI best practices.

It was formed in 2013 by @cschidle to address the growing need for insightful business intelligence and analytics. VizPoint helped clients see and understand their data with Tableau, a leader in business intelligence software. Based in Nevada, VizPoint provided specialized support for the casino gaming and hospitality industry.

The consultancy effectively ceased operations in 2015 so that its founder could focus on building intuitive interfaces for the web at Neato Software. It was formally dissolved in 2016.


(Former offerings of VizPoint LLC)
We specialize in quick start business intelligence engagements.

A typical engagement is 3–5 weeks long.  Below is an overview of what we do:
  • Assess information needs
  • Evaluate existing analytics tools and recommend complimentary tools
  • Review the current data environment
  • Assemble key datasets
  • Set up a business intelligence server and demo environment
  • Build an initial set of dynamic reports and dashboards
  • Suggest business actions to take based on initial discovery
  • Provide assistance to productionalize a BI server
  • Train analysts to effectively use the new software
Clients without an existing data mart for analysis purposes may require an extended engagement.

Other Services

Data Extraction & Storage

Clean, well-organized data is the key to effective decision making—otherwise you are just guessing.  Many businesses struggle to understand where their enterprise data resides in their systems and how to extract it.  We can help you locate, extract, and organize this valuable data, as well as store it in a separate data mart optimized for analytics (if necessary).

Advanced Analytics

If you have advanced analytical needs, VizPoint can assist in a variety of areas, including regression analysis, customer segmentation, descriptive and predictive modeling, A/B testing and sampling, etc.

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